Human Braiding Hair- A Safe Alternative For Extensions





Human Braiding Hair is a safe and natural way to emphasis what you already have going on with your hair.If you have been considering having extensions added to your natural hair for a little extra length and body but are concerned about the extensions weighing down on your hair and causing damage, you may want to consider the braid hair.

You are able to purchase online bulk Indian virgin hair or Chinese virgin hair which is designed to be used for human hair braiding. All of the ends of the hair are loose and not created in the fashion of the wefted hair that is more typical for clip in extensions. The mass of hair is held together by a thread to keep it from going every which direction. And of course, it is made completely out of Indian human hair that will blend in with your natural hair and will go unnoticed for that special event or night on the town.

You do have available to you some different options when looking to purchase the hair online. You can go with straight bulks of Indian hair that is naturally straight and will not curl up on you. This is single drawn hair which is bulked together. Because this hair has never been treated by chemicals that ladies use daily or been dyed in any way, it is the most natural and purest of hair. There are two shades available of off black and brown and the hairs are separated out by color. This is ideal for hair braiding. In total it is about 4 ounces of hair for $64.95 for 10 inches. The longest length available is 28 inches at $134.95.

Next we have wavy bulk hair that is of the same specifications as the straight hair. The lengths are also the same as the straight hair and are around $5 more each. Lastly, you also have curly hair. Which, again is of the same specifications as the straight and wavy hair. It offers the same lengths and is around almost ten dollars more per bundle. All of which is natural.

Hair braiding works by braiding the hair under a thin net that is on a flat surface that the hair stylists basically weave the extension into. This method offers the most options and flexibility and will typically last around three weeks. However, when washing the hair, it is imperative that it dries all the way or you will risk the chance of creating mildew in the netting.

As you can see, human braiding hair offers a fun and inexpensive alternative to clip in or other types of extensions. Make sure to pick out the length and consistency that best suits you and also the color. Some sites offer custom colors as well. Make sure to take proper care of your bulk hair as well as you would your own natural locks. Have fun!

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